Range/oven wiring

During yesterday’s inspection I turned on the oven while I was looking at the electrical panel panel. I measured the amperage on the two sides of the 240 V breaker; one side measured .3 A and the other side measured 4.8 A.

The circuit had no grounded conductor/neutral installed, only a grounding conductor. Wouldn’t the difference in amperage indicate this appliance has 110 V components and a grounded conductor/neutral needs to be present?

There was a time when ranges were permitted to have a 3-wire circuit even though they had 120 volt components.

This one was installed about five years ago, the house was a flip.

Would the absence of a neutral cause surges, or would the effect be so small it wouldn’t be a concern?

It’s possible the oven reached the temperature setpoint and turned off between your two readings. Robert is correct as usual old range/oven wiring had no grounded conductor just three wires. No surges!