Range Vent Pipe Requirements

No waste of our time and a lot of good info you’ll miss by not doing so. Your choice…

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The electrician. They are treated like Gods in my area.

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I didn’t say I wouldn’t still read the forum. I love it and learn a lot. Always learning…but don’t need stupid eye rolling bullshit as an answer. Usually, you have something good to say so I was surprised.


My apologies if I offended you in one of my post.


The funny thing is I read the forum everyday and sometimes laugh at the responses- glad that they were not directed to me!! And the thought crossed my mind before I posted it that I may get grilled- so I did my research and couldn’t find anything. I can handle the grilling for something I should have known. But to sound bored because we were discussing something- I thought that’s what this was for? Love the picture- your right- electrician probably will win, which is probably the easiest solution.

The only time I can remember seeing a microwave vent being ‘boxed’ was in manufactured homes!

Don’t know, but somehow I suspect the homeowner will lose!

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Ya know, if only you had either provided all the pertinent information in your first post… OR… posted a reply to the second post… most of this thread could have been avoided!
Just sayin’.

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Who makes a range hood with an off-center exhaust? I’m sure it caught everyone off guard.

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Then, no problem except for possible missing insulation dam in attic.

Custom order. It was installed improperly. :wink:

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The same kind of people that made it wi-fi enabled, LOL.


I’m honestly surprised that they weren’t harder on you than they were. I’m curious, what made you think that there needed to be a 1 inch clearance (not that there isn’t one already)? Is it a gas range?