Range Vents

Had a realtor I work with often call about a listing he has that was recently inspected.

House is in Plano and island cooktop does not have a vent to the outside. It was noted on the report and buyer is asking for them to install a vent - very pricey.

I double checked the SoP and the way I read it, the absence of a vent is not necessarily a problem. Since recirc vents are useless and allowed it would make sense that there is no city code requiring a vent out of the house.

I told him that I would have noted the condition too, but that I would not really consider it a repair item or defect - just unusual. Recommended that he check with Plano Building Code people as to the cities position.

Thought I would see what my local brethren have to say as a learning possibility.

I note whether there is one but they are not required around here.

Not required by code as far as I know, unless indicated by the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the listed appliance.

Even if it was code, that wouldn’t mean that the seller would be compelled to install one. We don’t enforce code compliance. By the same token, the buyer is within their rights to request one as a condition of the sale. Seller can certainly decline the request. It comes down to which party is more invested in seeing the transaction go through.

There might be a “vent” that could be required by code. This would be the vent to the exterior for the gas line conduit (assuming one is present serving the island). Sometimes communications between clients and agents can get mixed up. I’m not saying it’s so, but perhaps it’s possible that someone read “vent” in the report verbiage and just assumed the inspector was referring to a Cooktop vent.

I just know vague basics. The agent called me to get an opinion. He is a good knowledgeable Realtor. I got the impression, only an impression, that the request was presented as if code was not met and that this has become the sticking point of the negotiations. I think the agent is trying to verify the facts to negotiate from a position of knowledge. From the way he described it, they were simply referring to the range hood type vent.

Current TREC SOP has several deficiencies to report for the range exhaust vent, but nothing about there not being one present.

Reporting the absence of one was in a previous version of the TX SOP.

I usually note if one is not installed.

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