Rank Inspectors

Anybody heard of, or using Rank Inspectors?

Got a link? Google shows nothing.


Personally, I would not use a little known company that doesn’t have their own URL.



Called me the other day , started to ask him if he meant Rank as in bad smelling lol

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Thanks. I made the mistake of answering and listening. Now I get about 10 calls a day. It’s not awesome

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According to Google Maps this is the international H.Q.

It’s derived from this site: https://www.smegoweb.com/

Does this look like the profile picture of a Septic Inspector named Nelson from Ottawa?

Website main menu (would you like them to perform similar work for you?)

The phone number points here https://www.digitalwebsolutions.com/ which has a hidden registration. Based in India?

Obviously, you can’t find a way to actually contact and verify a real person or location (they apparently share a suite with a local kennel club).

If you go for it, report back your results for the rest of us.

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I was called yesterday by a guy named Sam, said he was from Rank Inspectors and that they are a partnering with Internachi to provide home inspectors with affordable website, SEO, reputation management, blah, blah… Anyone have any experience with them or know if any truth behind being associated with Internachi?

Scam David. I have had them call a couple of times. The phone number is spoofed.

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Thanks Joe.

They called me two days in a row last week, the same guy, and I reminded him of my reply from the previous time. He rudely hung up when I started to tell him what he could do with his service. Really bad attitude! :wink:

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Still calling me. I asked for references, got 1. They never answered the phone or returned a call. Shocker!

Just so you know any vendor can say they are partnered with nachi, which means absolutely nothing.


A.J. (yeah right) from Rank Inspectors calls me once a week. Starts off with the same introduction as if we have never spoke. I interrupt him & tell him a story about having diarrhea that morning or something else ridiculously absurd. I keep rapping until he just finally hangs up.

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It’s nice to see you back on our forum again, David. Hope to hear from you more. :smile:

Thanks All, great information! I was actually impressed with the SEO information they provided, they had already done some homework on my website. Lying about his affiliation with InterNACHI is obviously a hard stop sign… and also Thank you Larry!

I to received a call from Sam, at the time I was very unhappy with my current website and SEO services.
Unlike most of you I did not do much research in this company and after a few days I sign up with Rank Inspectors. It has been a long process to create the new website and all that goes along with it, But overall I am happy with services and the website design so far to day. I will keep you all posted on the progress and feed back from new clients due to their service provided.
My contact for Rank Inspectors is
Danish Ghai
Head of Operations
[c:] 1-201-793-8004
|a:|73 Bathurst Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2P6|
|w:|www.rankinspectors.com e: [danish@rankinspectors.com]

Welcome to our forum, Mark. :smile:

Many inspectors will like to know your experience.

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They offer web development, but do not even have their own website and the menu bar is all “untitled”?? Where can I sign up? :rofl:

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