Rant on CE

Just took Crawlspace course and as a Veteran simply wanted maybe a list of specs to brush up on then to take the quiz as I was in a hurry to get to my Proctor. When I took the quiz found it was more questions about what Kenton… Great guy and all… Was wearing or what part of which space he noticed something meaning I was forced to watch a hour of video just to see when he was wearing gloves, etc. Really?

That’s a perfect example as to why Illinois CE credits are always half of what the INachi credits are. You have to take a 12-hour Nachi course to get 6 hours CE credits for Illinois.

IMO there’s a lot of fluff in many of the courses.

Similar experience with the infra-red certification class. Not quite as inane as that, but obviously questions to see if you watched all of the videos.

Thanks Guys glad it’s not me. Nobody trying to learn cares at what part of a video the guy coughed or saw something.

Chalk it up to licensing. The states care about how much time you spend in training, not what you know or learned. They want you to be compelled to spend the specified time staring at the screen.

Their version of ‘classroom training’ for online.

Take the online courses instead of the online video. You can go faster.