Anyone else get this?


My name is Tony Robertson, Bowling Green’s area manager for Rapid Mold
Removal, I am e-mailing you to introduce myself, I was referred to you by a
friend of mine at ****** who told me you take pride in your inspections and
are extremely thorough with your work. Due to the expansion of our company
we have expanded our service area around the Bowling Green region and
considering the high volume of work we are currently handling we have been
receiving many inspection leads that we can not fulfill and are looking for
a quality inspector to align ourselves with in Bowling Green to pass our leads to.

I am only interested in working with established inspectors who in return
are in a significant amount of moldy attics and have lead they can pass as

I would love to chat with you briefly on the phone to discuss what we can
offer each other and ensure you the quality of our work. We take great
pride in our responsiveness and quality of service and will only do work
that will reflect well on your reputation.

Tony Robertson
Rapid Mold Removal


Yeppers :slight_smile:

yeah, I just it the other day too… Kinda fishy… ask him to name the “friend” at “WeMAX” or where ever yours said it was from…

I got it too. Was in my spam folder and that is where it will stay.

Alrighty then, just wanted to make sure before I delete it. Thanks everyone

Was he not worth a 10 minute conversation to see what he was about? If not, then delete.

Maybe if you get it you can call him and post the results. I don’t care to talk to anyone and everything that shows up in my inbox. If not then delete this

Okay? I always have time for networking and business relationships. To each his own.

I network plenty I promise you… Don’t mistake a clearing house operation for good networking. If I need a mold guy I have plenty of connections to find the right guy for the job without calling this co way out and BFE who is going to call somebody they contract with here anyway. Do we really need to debate this? I mean given the consensus here on the Florida Board in regards to this company It would seem spam is the decision of the majority. Now in New Jersey things may be different I don’t know. Pretty sure we got this under control here:mrgreen:

I got the same e-mail.