rattus rattus

This is a juvenile roof rat (AKA palmetto squirrel) I caught the other day. He sleeps with the fishes now.
Notice the long tail. That is typical of rattus rattus. The Norways have a shorter tail.


Much as I hate rats, he is kind of cute.

Did you find him sleeping in an electrical panel?

Nope, he was eating the dog food. I actually caught 2. One of them ate a hole in this trap but it came back for more and I got him before he could eat another hole. That is 1/2" hardware cloth. He went right through it.

I trap one or two a week of those over at my Mom’s house. They love to chew flex-duct.

Aww…and you KILLED it…Shame on you…poor little critter…you could have trained it to pull wire Greg…with a little harness on its back…such a waste…I would have put it to work…and made it pay rent.

Paul, I can still tell you’re laughing;-) . Seriously, I have thought about using a trained feret to pull a line in areas inacessable to a human. One time I heard some guys used a remote control toy truck with big tires to pull communications lines over suspended ceilings.

I got one of those GUNS that shoot lines over a dropped ceiling…nice when you are working in a 1 & 2 family dwelling where you can still use NM Cable above it…:slight_smile:

yeah…I am laughing just as much …but can’t show it for fear of attacks on my moral judgement.

Back when we were pushing wire under floors we used RNC or plumbing pipe. You keep adding joints until you get there. The trick is being able to whip a “wave” in it to get the end over obstructions

Wow! does that bring back memories . Thanks Roy

The new glass fish sticks are a nice upgrade to the old pipe trick, aren’t they?
I love 'em!

I love my GreenLee Glow Sticks…Love em

I think rattus rattus is the best scientific name ever. It just says it all. :margarit:

Remote control truck with big tires to climb over the T-Bar makes a great wire puller in shopping mall common area ceilings.
Been there, done that. Worked great!

70 or 100 foot pulls with no problems!

How do you tie the conductors up after you fish them througfh the T bar

Communications cable and it went over the T-Bars, not thru them.

No way to tie it up without breaking out the sheetrock at every location where it needed to be tied up.

I sometimes get tied up. :margarit:

T.M.I. Russell;-)