Ravens Steelers game

Anybody watch last nights game?
I don’t think hardly anybody expected us Ravens to win.
Really thrilling game to watch though!

I don’t think Tom Brady’s very happy this morning.:twisted:

I wasn’t expecting the Ravens to dominate the Steelers as they did. The Steelers had a couple opportunities but just couldn’t get it together in the red zone/end zone. Last night’s game, best team won. Now as far as next week, I’m not thinking it will be a repeat against Brady and New England.

We’ll see what happens, somehow the Ravens seem to step up in the playoffs even against New England, has happened a number of times over the last 7 years. Flacco often seems mediocre in the regular season only to become elite in the playoffs. He does have an elite level record in the playoffs.

Steelers fan here - game sucked!!

Flacco is 5-0 in the playoffs (currently) with great stats. We’ll see next week, it should be a good game.
My son is a Steelers fan
My daughter is a Oregon Ducks fan
My wife is a Cowboy fan
I’m a Denver (Payton Manning) fan
And our dogs prefer anyone with treats……

I haven’t watched a Steeler game in years. I saw some of it last night. I can’t believe they still have so many of the same players as they did back then.

Yup, they’re probably going to have a tough transition/rebuild phase coming up. Ben will be heading out, Troy is pretty much done etc…

Sorry Chip! Gotta admit it is a great rivalry though!

Not really. It’s definitely time for Troy to hang 'em up. He’s still got the drive but not the speed he once had and it has become a liability. Ike Taylor is past his prime and this needs to be his last year (technically 3-4 years ago should have been his last year). James Harrison is old as dirt, but he has been better coming off the edge than anyone could have imagined. Roethlisberger and Heath Miller are getting up there in age, but they both still play at a high level. Neither will last more than 2-3 more years. Other than that it’s a young team. They’ve made a lot of changes, but all anyone ever talks about are the veterans and that makes it seem like it’s all old guys. They aren’t an “elite” team like they once were, but they really are just a few changes from being back near the top of the heap. The secondary is the only part that really needs to “rebuild”.
I will say though that the Ravens “D” was on fire last night. What I want to know is when the hell is Suggs going to age out of the league. That guy is a beast.

It’s going to be a biggie when Ben leaves, finding a QB of that caliber is next to impossible. Suggs is amazing when he’s fired up and in good health. Hell of a game for him.

I love Ben, but his biggest problem is that he’s too dumb and/or stubborn to know when he’s hurting the team by being in the game. Last night was a prime example. If he doesn’t have a concussion I’ll eat my socks. Gradkowski came in and was moving the ball pretty darn well, but Ben just had to get back in the game. I have a feeling that his career will end by injury rather than skill loss. And you’re right, it’s going to be a major blow because they won’t draft a legit backup for fear of hurting Ben’s feelings.

Thomas - it is a great rivalry. Usually plenty of defense and good hitting. Was hoping for a repeat of their last meeting this year. Figured it would come down to 4 th quarter - was wrong Baltimore was really good last night. Good luck next week, Pats are looking good again!!

Thanks Chip,

Hopefully we’ll have great games for years to come, been a good split so far.

I don’t want to talk about it…:slight_smile:

I can’t believe they still have Mike Tomlin, the Steelers win in spite if this guy…well not this weekend, but in general.

Maybe they’ll get another chance. Go Ravens!! :mrgreen:

Go dirty birds.

The smartest in the family… :wink:

Maybe this will help. :roll:

I was there.

First time for my son and myself in Heinz field. I told my son during the game that not only did it not seem like a playoff game it didn’t even feel like a rivalry type game and he agreed. Sure people were waving around the Terrible Towels and yelling but there just didn’t seem to be the electricity and intensity that is usually associated with playoff football.

I’m going to boycott next weeks game only because one of those teams has to win.

I agree with a couple of the posts above that Pitts Defense is pretty old and they need some of the young guys to fill their shoes next year.