Ravens Vs. Patriots Predictions?

I’m going for Ravens of course, we have a winning record against Patriots in the playoffs but it should be a good nail biter of a game!:shock:

I would rather the Patriots win than the ravens. It’s going to be a close game though.

What I actually want is a sinkhole to open up and swallow both teams.:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! :wink:

I understand, theres always next year Andrew!

It’s going to be close. I can really see this one going either way.

Green Bay - Dallas is more intriguing.

As much as I’m not Hawks fan, they’ll probably slaughter the Panthers.

And as much I think Denver is sliding backwards, Denver is still a better overall team than the Colts.

Cowboys, Patriots, Broncos will win.

Pats win, my guys (you hear me John M.?)
Packers win even though Rogers is hobbled (yup John, Cowboys go down)
Denver squeaks by
Carolina wins in an upset

I’d be good with this.

Ravens hard-hitting defense is going to be too much for Brady (old timer :mrgreen:) to overcome.

Neither will be standing on February 1st after the Seahawks defend their Super Bowl championship. :mrgreen:

Green Bay

Worth repeating.

That’s what I like to hear…I like the Pats a bit pissed off… Not that they see our MB…

Patriots will dominate this game. Patriots did not have an answer at DB for them in the last playoff game. Ravens huge WRs were no match for Pats tiny DBs. Talib was hurt every other play. Welcome REVIS. Browner & McCourtney will contain Steve Smith and Revis will contain Torrey Smith. Forsett with get a lot of carries and Wilform will make him pay.
Ravens defense does not have an answer for all NE offensive weapons.

IF there was an upset this weekend, I like the colts chances. Manning has been in a funk of late and trying to fix what isn’t broke can makes things worse. Like my golf swing, when I’m slicing the ball, I adjust my stance (which wasn’t really the problem to begin with) and that makes my next shot even worse then the first one. Just a thought

IF we end up with a PATS/ Seahawks SB, we will need to make a wager!

I have a good feeling about this, we are gonna rattle Bradys cage and he doesn’t play well when he’s pressured.

Id rather spend a whole night in an elevator with Ray Rice than see the Ravens win. :slight_smile:

You are right about Manning and his dead arm. While it seems like he can still toss the ball, he no longer can throw cross-field with anything on the ball. The down field threat has all but disappeared. It is under 20 yards and while precise, doesn’t have the zip needed to hit that 8 inch zone. It is end of the season after a very early bye week and is taking its toll. Maybe the off week will help a little but I don’t see the Broncos returning to the Super Bowl.

I hear Ray is free these days, I’ll see if he’ll take you up on that! :twisted:

As a Steelers fan I can’t bring myself to root for the dirty birds, but I do hate me some Tom Brady, so I might have to make an exception. I have a feeling Mr. Brady is going to see A LOT of Mr. Suggs in his immediate future.:shock: