Raymond Wand

So Raymond Wand of Caledon Ontario going under the alias Dave Bowman likes playing childish games by putting my picture as his avatar.

Would you hire a home inspector who plays childish games like this?

Has been removed from various associations and Message boards for unethical behaviour.

I exchanged a couple of emails with Nick last week about this scumbag, but he just played his stupid a-s-s games that he likes to play about not understanding the problem, even though I sent multiple screen grabs of Wands BS to him.

Nick obviously doesn’t give a s-h-i-t about the integrity of InterNachi anymore. Apparently, Wand/Cooke/Wood/Young have something really juicy they’re holding over his head!

Fyi… there are about a dozen or so fake names that Wand uses/has used the last few years. Some are fake variations of other reputable members that he has issue with, so he stole their names to create fake personna’s to gain access to the MB.

I’ll post them when I get time later tonight.

Bye Bye Mrs. Wand

Here ya go… I believe most or all of these are created by Raymond Wand.

Nick just emailed me and said he was deleting the Bowman account.

Another Message Board he gets the boot from again

Now they need to take action against Cooke

LOL he described himself with the Romanian *****hole name

Don’t let your guard down. The scumbag will be back like a bad rash. I am leaving the list posted so others may add the names to their Ignore List to hopefully avoid his BS.

I assumed trickery to throw us off track.

Dave Bowman


He must be getting used to the word Banned by now.

He can’t play by the rules and there are fewer rules here than anywhere.

Thanks Nick

So Mr. Wand has changed his interests to Dissing the wife beaters, Jonass, Lardarse (larson) and Mousick

I feel sorry for this man, NOT, as he must be depressed since his partner dumped his sorry ***.

Must be a real sad life when you see an asshole in the mirror every morning

Wanda is a putz. he always has been.

Stop being nice

Now how about “wiping” the BS info off of the profile page, as it is now there permenantly.