Raz Pro

I’ve been offered a used IR camera for 3.5k. Do any of you know about the Raz IR Pro? Retails for 7.5k new.


Company seems kind of shady only advertising the display at 640x480 and not listing the detector array size anywhere on the site. Seems like they are trying to make the user think it is 640x480.


Yeah, SPi only wants to showcase the highlights. The Raz-ir has been discussed at length here and on other boards. I am not sure about the new version, but the original RazIR’s had 120x160 cores. Some folks have reported that it felt kindof flimsy.

Here are some great discussions on that line of imagers…



I think it is put out by Wuhan of China but rebranded SPi in the states.

Detector Type - Uncooled FPA Microbolometer, with image correction and full auto imaging and instant image enhancement.
**Thermal Camera Resoultion **- 160 x 120 (120 x 120 sx model)
Spectral Range - 8-14μm LWIR Long Wave Infrared
Field of View -25°×19° - Point and shoot imaging
Thermal Sensitivity - 1/10 degree sensitivity
External Display LCD - 2.2″TFT active matrix High resolution color
Display Color - 256 level, 8 palettes (Rainbow, iron, B&W, etc)
custom palettes user selectable.
2X digital zoom onboard

I thought it was 640X480 too. Why do they have it listed as such I wonder?

This Hand held thermal imager has a 640 x 480 on board CCTV camera for easier target identification