Has anyone tried the SPI RazIR? I am getting ready to make a camera purchase, and would like some feedback.

Thanks in advance, Dave

Nope, sorry.

Seems a bit too small.

Search out their repair and warranty reputation.

Raz Ir conversation

John McKenna and I spoke about that camera also about a month ago…It does not have a jpeg for your downloads. The Flir Camera does. This is very important to have, especially when you need to have it saved for an inspection. I just purchased the B-CAM SD from Professional Equipment. $6,750. The Raz-Ir is about $10,000 you can apply your savings in a course to teach you how to use the camera properly. I am taking the Level-1 course with ITC they have a full schedule of classes monthly nationwide. Im going to Vegas on March 9th thru the 13th with ITC. Also that RazIR is too small to carry around, it’s as little bigger then a cell phone. Flir comes with everything you need to get started with, Even a memory chip for 1,000 pictures, it also comes with a very strong Case to travel with, charger USB cable and a software for your report.
Take advantage of the Flir camera, you will be more satisfied…John will tell you the same, and so will the others…

Good luck…

For $10k You can do a heck of a lot better!

Go to school and check out and use everyone else’s camera.

I have been poking fun at Richardson about his camera, but you will be amazed when you operate the camera. There are too many “advantages” to even list (not just pic quality and that fusion stuff).

If you have $10k to play with, look at the real cams.

Oh, by the way, I have never even held the RAZ. But research and experienced application makes me steer from this one.

It’s compact (a consideration for application), but I would rather a $5k camera to take in those “bad places” we go.