RDA - Clip Nails Question

Wrong title - RWA. See attached photo. This is the first time I have encountered this type of ‘T’ nail used for clip attachment. Is there a requirement for a head with a minimum diameter? On the surface this appears very bad…I would think it has a very low tear strength.

Improper nails.
Needs 8d common.

The clip/strap manufacturer is the one who decided what nails to use .
Read this

For the record Roy “May” be correct but in regards to the 1802 form that does NOT matter. All that matters is what it says on the form. A home inspection is a way different animal and knowing what Roy says would be great for your client to know. I would tell them your opinion either way BUT would NOT SCREW them by writing anything on the form other that clip which it is by definition.

I didn’t know he was referring to a Wind mit question.

yes, only a wind mit question. Nice articles; thanks!

Whewww. I just ASSUMED :roll: We all know what usually happens when someone does that :slight_smile:

That kind of stuff ant that tyoe of pict almost always means Wind Mit :smiley:

For once, I agree with Mike. Wouldn’t pass code, but good for the 1802.