Re-inspection findings

A fellow inspector was recently called back to verify the Seller had properly addressed several deficiencies noted in the inspection report. One such deficiency was the lack of a safety pan under the water heater in a hallway closet. The Seller assured the Buyer everything had been repaired. The fellow inspector decided to look a little closer when he noticed the pan drain wasn’t plumbed. Well, that was really the least of the problems. :smiley:

Water Heater Cheap Fix.jpg

Haha - those friggin water heater are heavy when they’re filled with water. I hadn’t seen that yet. Classic!

Sweet… Could be a new Marketing idea right there…Sorta the Clip-On Tie of Drip Pans…

Hmmm…you might be on to something there. What else could we come up with? Maybe fake GFCI faceplates for $.50 or so. Good grief!..there’s a fortune to be made here folks!

Oh my, I never gave it much thought beyond the drip pan…There is a Fortune to made here…:smiley:

Now this is just some funny stuff…If people would use 10% effort to do it right, it would be done instead opf 150% to circumvent the proper installtion procedures. A+ for effrot and originality

It’s genius because no one could accuse you of doing any actual repairs. They’d have to change the SOP to to say you can’t do any fake repairs. Lol

OMG, this is Pure Genius…Fake Repairs…:smiley: :smiley: I am registering it now… :smiley:

Look, I’m not sure how all this is gonna mesh with the restrictive Ethics Code here at INACHI. We need to start thinking of a break-away association. Let’s just keep this to ourselves for now though.