Re/Max Alliance and NACHI join forces at golf course

NACHI joined in with Re/Max yesterday on the golf course. There were 220 agents playing golf and along side of them was a NACHI golf cart, NACHI banners everywhere. What a great, fun way to get the NACHI name out to Re/Max agents!!!
Following the golf tournament they put on a Hugh dinner with over 400 agents, vendors, you name it they had it. A helicopter flow over and dropped 700+ golf balls (numbered golf balls) on the green and what ever # went into the hole that person won $1000.00 and… of course NACHI banner was there. The agents took stacks of business cards to put in there offices. I came with 100s of cards and came home empty.
If you ever have a chance to join in on events like this it is well worth your time and a whole lot of fun!!!

Deanna gets all the FUN things to do… :roll:

Actually I’ve played golf with agents,… I think this is their way to unwind because do they get NUTTY! :mrgreen:

NUTTY? One woman rolled a cart. Another team got there cart stuck in the marsh. I guess when they serve beer and Mai Tai drinks at every hole they get a little NUTTY!!!

Yup. All that daily stress comes out on the golf course! It is commical if any gets to go to Agent golf outing.

Mai Tais! Yum! Now you’re speaking my language.

I went to Hawaii when I was 19 and not even legal, but won a luau package and dove headfirst into the Mai Tai bowl.