RE/MAX Home Buyer's Survival Guide recommends finding InterNACHI inspectors.

RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Survival Guide recommends finding InterNACHI members and even gives InterNACHI’s web address.


Would be better if that was an exclusive recommendation.
Here is the page 198 excerpt from Google Books which did not allow text highlighting but does allow screen shots.

They also call us NACHI rather than iNACHI

What is “iNACHI” ?

There are over 40 home inspection associations that I know of. I’m pleased they mentioned only one (us) and one known diploma mill.

No idea as I belong to NACHI.:wink: as is my legal right to refer to it.

“Rates range from $150” :twisted:

“And most home inspectors advertise in the local Yellow Pages” ----NOT!

Yeah type in the title for more.:slight_smile: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2007

Here is a direct link…

RE/MAX got our URL ( ) right. I can’t complain.

:smiley: Pub. Date: March 2007