Re: NCProgram - short article in National post



National Post article re NCP, OAHI, PHPIO

Nice post,next year CanNACHI will get great write ups as well once we launch into Canada and solidly establish ourselves as a leading HI association,my belief why CAHPI was given mandate to administer the NC model across Canada is that who else can do it? across Canada? they are the only across Canadian governing private body for home inspectors for now, who else can they have givin to??? when CanNACHI enters the scene in 2009 the monoply of only one Canadian governing body for home inspectors will have ended…Inspectors across Canada shall have a choice in the matter, we will be adopting the Occupation Standards developed for home inspectors across Canada and focusing on a Certification Standard within our members.We shall be in contact with the Ministry of Housing also when we are ready.

Preach it Allen!..The CanNachi boys have your back!..and we’re all ready to move mountains in Canada, and for the Canadian inspectors!

You’re right Allen. As well, the NCP was largely formated before the huge growth of the home inspection industry and subsequent increase in the numbers of home inspectors. That of course is why the vast majority of home inspectors have had no consultation or input into the whole programme. The politicians simply unloaded this possible hot potato onto the first group of inspectors to come along. It gives the politicians ‘plausible deniability’ and that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy!:shock: