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[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Charles Cline (from Mt. Juliet, TN). [/ASKNACHI]Where can I find a series of questions to ask my callers?

First, it would be helpful to know who you are and why people call you.

I’m sorry. My name is Charles Cline, Mt. Juliet, TN, and I’m a newbie home inspector. Can anyone help me find a ‘resource’ or a ‘guide’ as to what questions to ask during the telephone interview in order to ‘make the sale’. Thanks:D

Since you are a member, you have access to our Marketing forum. I recall that one of our members, Russell Ray, published a telephone script which he touted to be one hundred percent effective. Legend has it (as written by him) that even other home inspectors who were shopping him to find out his fees for various services ended up booking inspections from him.

In all seriousness, he has written some good phone scripts and with a little bit of effort you will find them buried like small nuggets of gold in our “Marketing” forum.

Good luck.

I use a variation of RR’s phone script. (thanks RR)

No it’s not written down.

It’s pretty effective.

My opinion ,is not to make a sale but to help people.

Unless you are born with natural charisma, which I am not and neither are you (or you would not need to ask this question.)

People can see through any desperation , so I suggest simply care to use your skill set to benifit others.Ask how you can help ,and listen.

Think hard as it makes sense.

Now Bob, if you really meant that, you would do the inspection for free.

I am full of natural charisma:D

I agree with you, I talk to people as if we have known each other for years. I am not afraid to tell them I am the only one truly on their side. I tell them my goal is to put them in a better position when making a decision. I tell them I do not share information with anyone with out their permission. Stuff like this I feel lets them know you are truly trying to help them. I like to shed some humor in the conversation somewhere as well.
Good luck to you,

Ken even a preist takes donations.
I actualy do care to help people, and feel this is why I am getting mor business.

19 out of 20 callers hire me.( I do not even remember to give them a price till hired.) The 1 is the price only person.I am glad to lose them.They would be the ones that are to0 demanding.