Reaction time for out of US inspectors

Just want to mention that the closer you are to the hosted server, the better chance you have for fast reply.
For me, as soon as I see the new topic, it already has 20+ replies. Yuriy Knysh from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


I’m in Texas and my response time is slow also. Good Luck C’nuk! Sorry, I like to rhyme!

Halifax NS, Canada here. decent reponse. Just hoping for the best. lol

Sorry man. That stinks. I wish they would do something more like, “First 10 people, every 5th person, will win XXXX”


Sorry to hear that this is rigged against you Sir.

but youve got to a be watching for the latest notification. some peeps are real fast though

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or a random drawing once in awhile


You don’t have to be out of the country. I have the same problem here in Iowa.


Or randomize it somehow.

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Yes I have fast internet and it seams as soon as it is posted there is 30 to 40 replies. I see the same people over and over and they must have some system in place to automatic reply?

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yep agree. same folks clinching most of it. they even have the time to type a meaningful response. there must be something to it.

the server is in California

Same here. Hadn’t had a chance so gave up and didn’t waste my time. Just the way it goes. Now I’m just going through seeing what everybody got.

I had stuff to do and missed the good stuff but I did okay from Ontario, Canada.

Nb canada here… there’s no way to win anything with 10 or less for us

Like others, I don’t know how they do it. By the time I saw the OP it already had 10 or 12 replies. I must be quicker than that, almost had it!! LOL

I’m in Virginia and I am sending this message in 2009. I sure hope it reaches it’s destination soon. Internet is slow and Verizon is to blame.

Can you hear me now?

Im right down the street and have same issue

I’m in Korea(South Korea).
veryvery slowly.
I’m OK.
merry christmas everyone.

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Hey my Korean buddy, what’s going on Man?