Read Inspect and Protect. It is worth the money.

This letter is unsolicited and intended as a courtesy to home inspecting professionals. I will try to make this short.
I am new to this industry. I have however, worked very hard at being prepared to succeed. For example, I purchased and read Inspect and Protect and then passed it along to a fellow inspector.
I am now ready to attack the market as best I can and the first thing I wanted to do was inform a friend who has been doing inspections in my area for a long time, that I was now in the market as well. This was his reply:
“Rob, I have done over 3,000 inspections and inspectors come and go because they get sued. I was sued once. All parties in a deal were sued. My E & O rep said that I had done everything right, but I needed to pay the deductible so that the insurance company could pay the claim. Defending the claim would cost more than the settlement. I was right, and had done good work, but I still got sued and had to pay. Use good disclaimers for everything; it may be your best defense from being sued. Good luck to you.”
Because I had read that book I was not alarmed. I was not surprised. I completely understood and I am not discouraged. It is recommended reading to all home inspectors. The book shares real life wisdom that only experience could teach. It may turn out to be the best $25.00 I have ever spent.

Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto.


What he said!

This book is a MUST read! (IMHO)

Thank you Mr. Swift

I’ll take that ditto and raise you a ditto


All of you must know how how nice it is to experience acts of kindness, and how seldom these occur in our daily lives, but the thanks that I have recieved lately for Inspect and Protect have made me happy indeed. I only wish I could afford to give it away. PS I had to ask my twenty-one year old twin daughters what “IMHO” meant, and now I know.

Are you sure they told you the truth?

The truth is, I’ve never thought to question them. They are stunningly beautiful and, to borrow an old cliche, as honest as the day is long.

So it’s a seasonal thing?

Absolutely. Life is seasonal, and eternal.

International Member of Home Organizations, right Keith? Did I get it right??
Did I, did I?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot to mention that your book was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

On the authority of my daughters, I was told that it meant “In my humble opinion,” which I’d not known before. I am, as they say, a “computer-dummy.”

Well, your not a Lone Ranger on that one, but you sure know how to write a book.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Marcel, keep this up and I’ll have to send you another one, free.

That is OK Keith; I just received your free one on Happy Home, with your compliments and NACHI, (won the Superbowl pool). :wink:
I would also like to thank Mike Holt for his contribution.

Nice work is all I can say.
Superb information and well written.


Marcel :slight_smile:

Keith . . . just order Inspect and Protect :):):slight_smile: and like Marcel I was one of the winners in the Super Bowl pool and just received mine copy today of Happy Home in the mail . . . love your book and looking forward to reading Inspect and Protect, keep up the good work . . . and ditto to all the above.


I read both of Keith’s books and then was looking for more. So I just decided to read them again. They are great the first time through, but they are even better the second time through. I can only imagine what Ms Margarita and Dr Cuervo will think about them. I think they’re taking them to the beach tomorrow. :margarit:

I have too have know read both of Keith’s books. Both are very well written they get to point and don’t have too many long words!!!
My clients love the Happy Manual, I hope to see you Keith in Orlando at the chapter meeting in March