Read it and weep again Yankees 82 here today

I hope you’all are freezing your butts off.

That’s swimming weather. Enjoy the water.

Feel free to post a retraction come August when you have a mouthful of bugs and the skeeters fly away with yer dog.

Me? Well I love to ski in the winter but I can’t stand humidity in the summer. You can have your (frying) panhandle, I’ll stay a Mile High.

I am not missing the Midwest

I’m a native and love hot beach weather.

I misunderstood the title of this thread…I thought it was referring to the number of psychos that made headlines down there today.

Roy don’t tell them that. Our streets are overrun with snowbirds right now as it is.

LOL Rub it in . But what season is coming soon to your area ?
Ill send you a rubber ducky and rope to tie your self off . lolol

What was that old song…may the bird of paradise fly up your nose…lol
Love the white stuff…but enough is enough, and we don’t have near what those north of us got