Readers Digest Home Fix it Books

Since I am recovering from my back surgery, I agreed to get out of the house and go yard selling with the wife. I found at 5 yards sales today,the Readers Digest Home Fix it books for sale. I paid a max of .75 cents each for these. I now have 20 of them in mint condition. My plan is to give each of my clients one of these books with the report. So when ever my wife goes out to the yard sales, I have her keep a eye out for them never paying over a dollar. Just a suggestion to help make the client feel like they are getting more than their moneys worth. The single moms or the young first time buyers really like these. :mrgreen: </IMG>

Nice idea, Mark. I can see how some would really benefit from having the books.:wink:

Yard Sales…where I don’t know what I need until I get there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You got that right Larry. I finally had to put a money spending limit on my wife, and how far she travels. She is out every week Thursday - Saturday 4-5 hours a day. She drove 110 miles today in just 2 counties? Thank goodness I have a hybrid that gets 52 miles to a gallon of gas. And the price has dropped to $2.23 today.:shock:

Why do they need 10,000 before they can print it? With digitalized printing, needing that many has gone by the wayside.

Not if you want full color on every page for $3/ea.

How many pages?

Seventy six.

The books that you are offering here looks real nice. I would love to place an order,but with my surgery and being on a very limited income. I will have to use what I can get and at a price I can afford. I will not use any books that are worn, they must be in mint condition for me to use. I have self adhesive business card holder that I place on the inside cover and put 2 cards, and brochures with it for the client to give to friends as a referral. But when I get back on my feet and I can start to do HI’s again, I will be placing a order. Nick, I think Wendy has placed a Trojan virus on your computer.:shock: Every time you post she has a message right behind you.:roll:

Oh brother! :stuck_out_tongue:

Evening Wendy, I see that you have changed your Avatar again.:wink: Just remember Wendy, when I razz you it is all in fun and no harm meant in any way. If I have, I apologize. </IMG>

No, I’m laughing with you hon. Thanks, it is funny! :wink:

At that low a price, I should have you mail me a few jerry cans full, Mark!
Still $3 & over, here, for the most part.

Evening Wendy, I see that you have changed your Avatar again.:wink:


I changed mine. More realistic, after the chemo and all.

Didn’t remember your glasses being that big, Will;
I hardly recognized you!

My head shrunk. Been going through some re-self-evaluation.

Everyone in the Chapter thought I was getting a swelled head.

Apparetnly, they were right.

Go figure.

My chin is still my best feature, don’t you think?

Use cold ware next time:p

These one’s cost NACHI $3 with shipping and we sell them for only $1 each.

Pretty unbeatable.

William you look 10 years younger in that pic. Have you dyed your hair