Reading and writing asignment

The benefits of cement/asbestos siding. The benefits are that it lasts a very long time if installed properly and we’ll maintained in many cases it will last as long as the building that it is installed on it also holds paint very well. However asbestos siding can be very harmful to people’s also doesn’t hold up well to lots of water or impacts well.
Aluminum siding has many benefits it will ne er rust or peel or chip like many painted siding out there it will last a very long time it can also be repainted.However aluminum siding dents very easy and the paint will fade after 5 to 10 years.

H clips and roof sheathing. Although H clips are beneficial to the contractor trying to save money on roof material by allowing him use a smaller ply of sheathing,it is not the inspectors job to note the lack of H clips unless he or she knows that the code in that particular area called for them at the time of construction.

Fire extinguisher inspection. Each fire extinguisher has a specific use and this use use should be clearly visible to the inspector or user. look for clearly written labels on the type of fire the extinguisher is to used. Look for evidence of corrosion around the threads. Look for the service tag to determine the last date of service. Make sure the the dial is on max or charged. Look for any evidence of damage, dents corrosion ect.