Ready to retire? I'll help you sell your home inspection business.

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Another great service from NACHI … Thanks Nick good for you .

Contact me first if anyone in VA is selling.

How much notice would you need? I wanted to retire yesterday but I am only 56 and I believe in need to work at least 6 or more years.

Sorry David, he needs a minimum of 7 years notice. So you should have contacted him last year or you need to plan on working a little longer. :mrgreen:

I wish. Can you sell my Company based on what I made before the Construction Crash :frowning: Another missed opportunity I had to make it out of the biz for good as I saw it comming. Too bad I thought all those I kept saying yes to would cost me so much money then go out of business and be gone. I thought I had enough contacts to last my lifetime. Boy was i wrong.

Broken Back.
Broken heel needed 3 surgeries
a couple of knee surgeries.
I hate the HEAT here.

If I thought I could I would sell my left nut to retire comfortably.

Good thing the house is paid off.

Then I would just do things I enjoy and all the volunteering my kid ever needed at school or extracurricular activities.

If I would have had just about 5 more good years I would be done by now and doing what I though I would be doing at this age. ** ENJOYING LIFE.**

Guess Not :frowning: