Real Esate and Finance Forums

Does any one think it beneficial for the message board to add forum categories such as:

“Real Estate”, “Mortgage/Lending” and or “Appraisals”?

I know the basic premise of InterNACHI is to provide a platform for vendors to sell products and services to its member inspectors. Could it hurt however, to provide some additional forums to the message board which might create a broader based consumer interest in visiting the board and therefore interacting more with its member inspectors.

No, but thanks for contributing your idea.

Thanks for your thoughts also.

But, why not?

This message board is really for inspectors. If we are going to do this it needs to be on a consumer friendly site that a consumer can relate to better. NACHI is starting to head that direction. They just need to pull it together into one site and have us spread the word for them. Basically make a consumer information center for all consumers can find answers to their questions, while promoting NACHI inspectors. NACHI has the resources to make this second to none.

I agree. Except for the red part.

Would be cool to have a separate site that potential clients can go to to access whatever info they’re looking for (or an inspector) but this MB as it is today is prone to too many blow-ups, beefs and general foolishness to promote it to consumers as is.
IMO for consumers , ask NACHI, etc could work well - something like that. But certainly a separate site.

I meant “into one consumer site”.

The upper left corner of the INACHI home website might indicate otherwise. I’m assuming that’s not for Pro-Lab to track us inspectors down. We’re already asking the general public to visit us for asking questions about any number of issues involving not just home inspections, but every aspect of building, construction, repairs, services, mold issues, termite issues, etc…

This site’s success is directly tied to the welfare of the home inspector and his industry. Anything that this site can do to directly benefit a member inspector, is in fact in it’s best interest in my opinion.

I’m sure you’ve seen comments from many members who believe the web sites message board is becoming stagnant. Some new real estate professional blood may be just what the doctor ordered.

I like it Will