Real Estate Agent Caught Stealing From Seller...

…and receives a “reprimand” from his licensing board.

Licensing solves nothing.

Here is the story as blogged by another real estate salesman…

LOL i had one where a Agent removed a Garage Door , Cops followed him Home, Neighbors house was under surveillance .

Sentencing has been delayed for a former city building inspector found guilty of interfering with a woman’s vibrator during a home inspection.
Last October, Robert Shostak was convicted in Court of Queen’s Bench of unlawfully being in a dwelling house, but the 55-year-old married father will have to wait until April 5 to learn his sentence.
During the trial, the woman, who cannot be named under a publication ban, said she went into her bedroom after feeling Shostak, a building safety inspector, had been there too long. She discovered him coming out of the master bedroom closet and found her vibrator had been turned on.
Court heard the next day, the woman found a package on her doorstep containing a pair of soiled underwear and a crude note, likely left by Shostak.
Justice Terry Clackson ruled Shostak initially had the right to be in the woman’s northeast Edmonton home on Dec. 24, 2007, but he lost that right once he handled her vibrator.
During a sentencing hearing Wednesday morning, Crown prosecutor Tania Sarkar called the incident “highly disturbing” and said it caused the woman to feel concerned about her safety.
Shostak has no criminal record, said Sarkar, but he also has no remorse or any explanation for the incident.
Sarkar suggested a sentence involving a short period of incarceration, followed by probation. But Shostak’s lawyer Kent Teskey suggested a monitory penalty instead, noting Shostak has already taken some lumps for the crime, which was impulsive, not calculated.
As a result of the incident, Teskey said Shostak has lost his job and will likely never be employed in the trade again.
“It is clear to everybody who knows him that he is a person who is passionate about construction. That has been taken away from him,” said Teskey. “This has had a significant effect on his life.”
Shostak was acquitted of stalking the woman, along with other charges relating to allegations he had gone into another home and watched a woman exit a shower.
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I would think that the proper way to operate a vibrator would be an essential part of a building inspection.

A recent study conducted by the Larry Flynt School of Safety Inspectors reveals that the improper use of ladies’ vibrators are the number one cause of chipped teeth in women over 40 years of age.

Yes over here in southern california i had a realestate agent named arturo cervantes from tarbell realtors wanted me to lie so he could profit be careful report fraud