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Just had a previous client call me and now I am quite sure I have one for life.
Did a roof cert for him ,he was out of state. He had obviously already purchased the home. His call today was to tell me he is already 10,000 into it with repairs. His agent said he did not need an inspection. His floors are rotted out. I like to make money also but to just stick it to people I don’t see how you can stay in business. I like to think you will sell it eventually if you just say this may need repairing. Always somebody who will like it regardless.

‘His agent said he did not need an inspection’. If he can substantiate that statement they realtor will be buying that roof, and any other problems he finds. At the least, she should be reported and lose her license.

I did the roof inspection after he purchased it. He would have called me earlier for the pre sale inspection but the agent told him the home was fine.
He is elderly and very nice. So the roof is fine but he soon discovered the floors are rotted out in places. I think the agent took advantage of him.

Wayne, it sure seems like you are taking work a long way from location.
What areas do you cover?

You may want to change your location :slight_smile:

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Bowling Green, isn’t that near Avon Park?

There is good food at the Jacaranda Hotel on Main Street east of the highway…at least, there was a few years ago. Nice old place to overnight, too.

Yes sir it is. I go to Highlands county quite often.I like Sebring ok. Have never been to the Jacaranda but it’s still there last I knew and have heard it has good food. I do need to go see for myself so thanks for the idea. Bowling Green is not the epicenter of economic activity but it’s quiet and not expensive to live on a golf course.

Meet poor Mr. Yardsign, the used house salesman.

When people come to him to buy a house, they look for him to be honest, patient, forthcoming and genuinely interested in their welfare.

When people come to him to list their home for sale, they care about nothing else than his ability to sell it fast, for their asking price and with as little expense to them as possible.

Somewhere in between both of these levels of high expectations is nothing more than some poor schmuck sending out resumes in search of a dependable income who, until he can find a real job, doesn’t make a single dime until he sells a house.

At the very bottom of the food chain, Mr. Yardsign does what he can to control the outcome of every deal … including the home inspector, whenever he is allowed to.

My bad I thought that Bowling Green was somewhere else.

Far, Far away. :slight_smile:

I never was any good at geography.

As in North of Nashville??? :shock:

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](*,) Geeze Man! Bowling Green is in the sticks and about as bad as Nocatee.

Hey hey hey hey now. I was born and raised in Nocatee.

Hey Reece, I was born at the flea market. You have seen those tags that say where the heck is Nocatee Florida? We affectionately call it Nocatrash.:mrgreen:
Hope everyone has a good day. Going to combine some leisure time with some work time today. Movies and an inspection. TTYL

I like the Sticks.

Lucky you :slight_smile:

Well, I just want to say that he should be aware with this thing before purchasing a house. If you are still paying money for the repairing and maintaining of your house then why did you offer much amount to the owner of that house? If he follows a real estate agent then he could definitely save some money.

miami beach realtor

uhhh what?

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I thought you were in Kentucky or Ohio. Did not know we had a BG in Florida. go Gators!

So now do you know where I am?

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Obviously, hardly anyone knows there is a BK in FL.

I have been in Port St. Lucie, FL for 10 yrs and never heard of BK, FL.

Also, ppl from around the world read this MB.