Real estate agents

The only BK I know is Burger King. Don’t instruct me to do anything.
Not your child. Was unaware that my profile did not reflect what state.
I know people around the world read this MB. When I address people I always try to be respectfull but obviously I don’t think you are. I can’t help it if I am from Florida and have a vast knowledge of geography and assume anyone here does also.

Wayne, what’s wrong with your profile? Looks good to me…But then, I’m a native. :slight_smile:

Now it says Fl. So nothing from what I see here. I do not believe it said Fl when I commented so long ago and I was just trying to let him know others may not know where he is located.

Ahhh, I see.

I fixed it. It apparantly really bothered some people more than me.
My signature line has always said Florida Licensed Home Inspector
or something to that effect. There is a way to tell somebody something
without being a Richard Noggin. I am a native also which sometimes also makes me a minority.:alien: