real estate broker site design

We are considering real estate website design for our broker site, they have told us that after the site is done I should consider search engine marketing to get the best ROI on the site. Has anyone used SEO services before? I am a newbie to this field and am not sure if it will be worth it.

Please advise.

Sorry Max, I can’t help, hopefully soon those in the know will find your question and be able to give an answer . . . I do believe I’ve seen other threads related to this issue, just can’t remember where . . . you might try a search on this site . . . good luck.

You might start here:

. . . good luck.

Hi Max…I am personally wary of these company’s as they usually promise to get everyone on the first page.There are many design outfits out there,so the best thing you can do if you need this type of service is study the sites they have worked on,then compare with other services in that price range.
Max you will more than likely get many more opinions on this subject following.