Real Estate Downfall

Real Estate Downfall


“I’m gonna miss those granite countertops” :-({|=

We know who to thank for those crappy loans…

Strange how the media is quite about where the domino effect started…

I hope you had the common decency to put the country first and turned down any inspection request where the buyer refused to provide you full documentation regarding his financing. :roll:

Not to mention the body sprays and cherry brazilian

As usual Joseph, you once again show your brilliance by not addressing the issue…but that is par for the course for you…side step the facts and go
off on tirades.

Just for your info, my comments were based upon what I have seen from my contractors side of my business. Depending on how long this country is around…this down turn in the economy will be rehashed time and time again…when you get down to the source of the problems it will go directly to
1.) a democratic congress and president who negatively influenced the lending market and 2.)real estate industry, in particular track home builders, real estate agents, appraisers and greedy lenders who over inflated home values in order to make a quick buck.

The fix and flip crap properties are not the ones that caused the housing industry to be flooded with foreclosures (driving housing prices down)…it is the entry level and mid priced homes that caused it. Wall Street got caught up in the mess making it worse…regardless what people think, they did not start it.

Unfortunately most the people in this world are pretty stupid…this election will clearly show that…they make decisions based upon emotions…when the economy is down we all have a tendency to want to blame it on the incumbent party.
I personally look forward to seeing the democrats screw it up even more…in doing so they will hopefully cause the republican party to kick out moderates like the ilks of McCain. (I know some of the republican friends may disagree with me but that’s fine…this will be a hard lesson for my party to learn…quit allowing moderates such as Bush and the McCain to dictate the platform)


You are so full of ****, you posted that trash for your narrow-minded political views and when called out on it you attempt to defend with incoherent gobbledygook. I could go on, but tonight I am enjoying seeing the demise of the Republican Party and the basking in the win of Barrack Obama.

It won’t be long before your messiah starts back peddling…starting with the pulling out of troops in 16 months, onto the tax cuts for those making below $250k…(oh yeah, he already back peddled on that)…soon you will be trying to justify his lies…we have already witnessed what a democratic congress has done with a moderate president…do you really think its going to get better with a liberal socialist…you really need to remove your head from your arse…oh, I forgot…they are one in the same. lol

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