Real Estate Roller Coaster

US Home prices adjusted for inflation plotted as a roller coaster:

It is truly unfortunate that the Real Estate Market appears to be off in your area evidenced by the multitude of negative postings that you have made.

You think you are insulated from this, that it won’t effect your world, that it is a Florida phenomenon? Silly me, I thought were smarter then that.


By your own postings…

Where are all of these people going to live?

Not in $600K+ waterfront Mac Mansions in Florida I can tell you that, I’m thinking Pennsylvania where housing is still booming. :mrgreen:

If the immigration thing is true they will simply be exchanging one slum for another if you ask me, I just don’t want to wind up with them.

My geographic market is the Main Line of Pennsylvania.

You appear to be making prejudicial assumptions with regard to National / Racial origins of Immigrants in a RE Market that you know nothing about.

Prove it!

Prove what.

The Real Estate Market is strong here is Southeastern PA.

It is YOU that have suggested otherwise.

I suggested squat!

Here you go


I (personally) have not worked in over 3 months due to Injury.

I am thankful that my Employees have been able to generate sufficient Revenue Streams along with the strong Real Estate Market to sustain the Income of all Employees / Families dependent upon the revenue of the Corporation.

Real Estate Markets do vary.

I am thankful that my outlook is more optimistic than your narrow view.

Sorry to hear of your injury, hopefully you will be back to your old self soon.


Thank you for your interest and words of encouragement.

I know that your concern is genuine.