Real Estate Salesmen Being Candid..

…about how some of them will limit a homebuyer’s choices of homes because they don’t like the selling agent…how far will they go in other important services to their clients?

I got a call yesterday morning from my clients agent. She said the listing agent wanted my home inspection license before they would allow me to perform the inspection. I had to call the listing agent and she said that it is her office policy that they get the license. I wasn’t sure if it is a way to keep inspectors they do not want from inspecting the houses, or if it was truly to protect the buyer from a non-licensed inspector. I brought copies of my license and gave them to her, turns out I have worked with her brother in law on a few inspections, who is an agent. We talked for a bit while we waited for the client and selling agent, turns out she could use some of my side services for some of the foreclosures she has. Not a bad deal.

Seems like putting a sign in the yard and unlocking a door for a showing is all they want to do for their $8,000.00, these days.

The client decides who he or she hires!

Usually the client will hire the Home inspector and before during and after, the home inspector works only for the client.

True that here in Quebec there are close to 19,500 brokers who are potential referrers.

And according to the OACIQ, brokers are responsable to verify inspectors. (The law does not even give them the authorityto do so).

Nevertheless an honest broker will choose to refer an honest home inspector and that is the good news. :slight_smile: