Real Estate Salesmen File Bill in Missouri House, Again

It’s the same bill that has been presented before…prior to the amendments that are added before the public hearing.

Do you have a Bill number yet?

Hb 1714, It’s the one ASHI wrote.

It specifies nothing…allowing the Board (which will be lobbied by the MAR and ASHI for appointments) to have total autonomy over all of the rules. Since no rules are specified in the law, the ASHI president who runs the board will get free reign. Jeff Barnes might be moving to Jeff City after he reads this porno.

On the surface, it is designed to attract newbies by qualifiying virtually everyone with 100 inspections for grandfathering…but, renewal is not necessarily guaranteed to all who have been grandfathered. The AG has already ruled against the references to national associations…but they left it in the bill for looks.

These home inspection bills read so vague. They never have any details. Everything is decided after the bill is passed, or in Kansas’ case some is never decided at all.

So…in a sense…the legislature does not even know what rules are being made. Hence, how can they assure themselves or anyone else that the citizen is being served?

They can’t, for all that is assured is the special interests who will have “their man” appointed will look out for their interests.

If they want to have a licensing bill…they should write one. All they did, here, was appoint a board…so that the board, without any guidelines or anyone to answer to at all…can write a licensing law to the liking of three of the five members.

Wanna guess who will make up that board? Do ya think the MAR will be using their infrastructure to get those who helped them get a law get appointed? Isn’t that how Jeff Barnes got his position?

It was written in crayon before the first home inspection bill was submitted in the Missouriu House. Sad but true.

When is this expected to go into law?

The Bill says August. If properly fought it will go nowhere.

I say lets get ready for battle :cool:

Sounds like our national health care legislation.:p:p

Yep. The former Kansas governor, who is now secretary of the health and human services, signed the Kansas laws into effect just hours before resigning to go to DC. That is why our president wanted her, because she understood how to get the languages into bills that gave away fifth amendment rights, since she did it here in Kansas with the home inspection legislation. Have you heard from her lately? No.

If you don’t think the licensure Bill is fair, take the fight into your own hands and bring it to the attention of everyone who might be effected. Go through line by line and add your comments of what you think is wrong and make suggestions for improvement. Send it out to every inspector in the state with a copy of the Bill and your notes. I set up a Constant Contact account to do this when I went through it here in PA. Ask for everyone’s opinion and include all the Senate and House Representatives in your email list. Compile everyones suggestions and email them into the Reps. Ask for a stakeholders meeting to discuss this with the Reps that are supporting the Bill. I am sure they would like some input from everyone since they don’t know this business first hand.

Don’t depend on someone else to fight your battles. Raise some hell and let everyone know you think it is wrong. I did it here in PA and it worked to get our Bill that was written in crayon on the back of a bar napkin revised.

We got it from here, Scott. Thanks for the input.

It is different in Missouri. There is actually no demonstrated need for licensing. Consumer complaints are minimal, actually florist according to the AG and BBB has more complaints than home inspectors and florist are not licensed. The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors ( is not against licensing but believe that as long as the Missouri Association of Realtors and their cronies at A$HI keep pushing this home inspection licensure, there is no way there will be a fair bill written because of the obvious conflict of interest. The Kansas bill may have looked harmless enough in the beginning but look what happened to it now. The worst home inspection law in the country. It is better we fight this bill now then pay the consequences later. Sad but true.

Look at what they want to put in the Missouri law, folks…

This is a reason to have your license revoked (there are many):

“Negligence or incompetence in developing an inspection, in preparing an inspection, or in communicating an inspection.”

Communications can be verbal or nonverbal, can’t they.

So…as you “incompetently” communicate…maybe your tone of voice or facial expressions…a serious defect and the client walks away…might his agent file a complaint that you “incompetently communicated” to his client? How many such complaints until you lose your license? Two?

There are no provisions under the law to appeal any finding made against you by the autonomous licensing board.

Your records must be kept for five years and the board must be given access to them, for copying or examination, with “reasonable notice”. No subpoena or explanation required.

James Braun, you have been critical of the Licensing Board. I will be at your office on Thursday to make copies of your records so that we can take our time going through them to see if, possibly, there might be something we can charge you with and take your license. Are you okay with that?

I hope lawmakers will understand how lawsuits will erupt with these new laws in both states. Over 30% of Kansas residence live along the Kansas/Missouri borders. Now, I will have to have double registration fees, double insurance, and will have to double my fees. This will protect and favor the consumer. Right.

Almost sounds like our state Republicans have taken a lesson from the US Congress-- Pass the bill worry about details later lets get that Realtor free money NOW