Real Florida Stuff, Even Your License Won't Protect You :-))

Just trying to lighten up the day.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A 10-foot-long alligator has taken a bite out of a Florida deputy sheriff’s cruiser.

Authorities say Alachua County Deputy Victor Borrero spotted the gator Saturday evening near the Gainesville Golf and Country Club. It attacked the patrol car while the deputy was waiting for an alligator trapper to show up.

Sheriff’s spokesman Todd Kelly says the car’s front bumper was heavily damaged.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman said the alligator was put down under the state’s nuisance gator policy. Under that policy, the trapper is allowed to keep meat and hide from the gator.

Well, what kind of trapper is he if he hide’s from the gator’s!!!

Jeff…hidin’ from the gator must be an old florida gator trapper thang

Does he get to keep the contents of the stomach

he gets everything but the grunt

It was good to see that someone besides me noticed the word foible from the AP reporter.

Bruce G

He was probably a Seminole