Real issues just might be lurking behind that beautiful stone veneer

Look how they stuck out the sill bricks and even chamfered the ends to blend in.

I like what you wrote on your website!

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Another red flag on this sidewall is the use of vinyl siding window casing, water enters the built-in siding channel in the vinyl siding casing and runs down behind the stone veneer with no way to exit, this casing is meant for vinyl siding, It should have been solid PVC with the proper flashing.
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PVC coated AL coil stock, does not look vinyl from here.

AL bent on-site trim would not have rounded corners. It is vinyl, let’s see what Joseph says. @jdepiero

Does anyone have any close up pictures of a window that is flashed correctly for stone veneer? Not finding anything that looks correct with a google search. Found lots of drawings but no pictures.

You won’t find any real pictures of unicorn either

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If you guys are really interested in learning more about this topic. Check out Ben’s website I stumbled across a post of his a couple of days ago. I reached out to him and he gave me permission to link to his article in mine.
A Builder had to buy back the house they built after his inspection and the work of some lawyers of course.

I saw 1 done correctly about 5 yrs ago.


It is vinyl Scott.

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I still have yet to ever see it installed correctly in residential in Minnesota. Someday… maybe…

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Well, it is not to be residentially used in Minnesota, Brandon.