Real Quick Help Needed

Can someone look up and let me know what Seciton covers Transfer Switches for Generator use. I’m in an office awaiting your response. Appreciate it.

Best I could do John I do not have a NEC book…yet

Thanks Brian. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I’ll give ya another green box when I get back home.

NEC Art. 700.6
Article 700 is all about emergency systems

Don’t buy a code book. Spend the extra and get the NEC 2005 Handbook. It contains the entire code book with explanations and examples for each article. Get the tabs too.

Thanks guys. I got what I wanted. For your information NFPA 110 covers everything more in depth.

Also save your money. Here is a complete 2005 NEC at your fingertips.

What’s with the green box references that everyone seems to be talking about? Did I miss something? :frowning:


Right above user name is a small square, yours is Green [good] some are Grey and although I have not seen any some are Red. This was started just a few days ago I guess it’s a rating system. Best I can do Russel,the workings of it I will leave to someone more qualified to answer.

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Boy, this is fun. We control each other’s reputation–but don’t get carried away, you can only give so much in a certain length of time. Enjoy, and start now…:roll: :roll: :roll:

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