Real world thermography video

Can I at least get a chuckle lol…from the dog owners…honestly just playing around to better learn what capabilities we have ( camera/ software…etc)…trying to lighten the mood here :smiley:

I like the black socks after he gets out of the pool. Mine like to chase the laser at night.

Lol, she has been involuntarily retired from laser night play due to her turning 7 this July, and her getting the slightest limp from chasing them hard…screwing around with the laser pointer on the camera in her presence was a bad move that took a while to undo LMAO

It’s funny (besides dogs being dogs lol) to see another video from a Flir camera, just talking out loud but yours looked similar to mine, in how jumpy it was, which surprised me as I had thought I held it pretty steady, but admittingly our cameras aren’t for action films lol…