Reality check

to answer your question, yes you can provide for a wife four kids and have a stay at home mom, the kids love it, I like the fact my wife is there when the kids get home, she helps a blit with orginising the office, If I have a slow morning I can have coffee with her, or do some shopping, viceversa for the after noon, we live a good life, have fun all summer , travel, enjoy special occasions, and party when it is possible.
Are there hard times, sure everyone has them, thats why diversifacation id so important, ancillary inspections opens the door, and a wide ranges of services also makes for better appeal to clients.

I worked every day except for Christmas for 5 1/2 years as an inspector. After my first 60 days I never had anything less than a packed schedule. I never took home less than $1,000 a day. After feeding my family I saved almost 1 million dollars in the bank during my career. I know of only 4 inspectors who have done better. Now working hard isn’t what I recommend. You can run around your house all day carrying a cinder block on your head. You’ll have done a lot of work but earned nothing.

The first way to do well in today’s market is to get rid of the word “home” from everything: Your brochures, your websites, your brain. Evolve. Become an inspector, not a home inspector. See

The second way is to understand the miracle of synergy. Today you can’t just do one thing well and hope your phone starts ringing. See

Those are the top two things to know about being successful in this biz and InterNACHI is geared to helping you with both.

Thank you Vern, this is not a new concept, in fact it was on the table for National Certification at one point. As part of the original members of the National Iniatiative, a number of facts and experiences tempered the ideal background model of what education and experience is required to become recognized as a professional home inspector.

This model required a graduate of a 2 or 3 year college program with technical competence from the areas of architecture, civil engineering or construction, along with 1 year of specialized training that was specific to home and building inspections.

Now it appears that many would rather seek how to include the lowest common denominator, rather than maintain a reasonable certification level reflective of other professionals.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what that is? Nick, you can’t respond…you have a natural bias!!! This is your baby.

Recently we’ve gone beyond just getting state approval of our courses for licensing purposes (right column of and have begun the process of getting all our courses approved for actual college credit (in U.S. and Canada), a first for the inspection industry.

And right behind that we are proposing a new B.A. program with a major in inspections.

Our requirements at InterNACHI have advanced well past what one would expect in a mere certification process. We are now converting it into an actual college degree.

Please clarify.
Up here you get a college diploma or a university degree.
The Carson Dunlop courses are already college accredited.
So did you mean a college diploma or a university degree.

This program was approved several years ago already in Canada by the Ministry of Colleges & Universities - Postgraduate Home Inspection Program. Glad to see others may follow.

Please don’t offer it through the University of Phoenix and make it the laughing stock of the industry!!

We won’t. We’ll be offering it through InterNACHI University.


Unsubstantiated claims made by franchisors - course providers - and trade organisations about the income potential from *“home inspections” *have flooded the marketplace with an unhealthy number of newcomers hoping to make an easy buck.

Mr. Gromicko’s published statement that he never has - except for the first 60 days - earned less than **$1.000.00 a day **as home inspector - and that he was able to save one million dollars in 5 ½ years is one example how a home inspector turned promoter - has convinced thousands of naive followers to become a fee paying member of his organisation. Collecting $289.00 - without any exposure to risk - from thousands of NACHI members obviously beats his income he generated from home inspections.

The aforementioned example proves my point that becoming a home inspector these days is not a guarantee to advance from rags to riches anymore. The highest monthly income I have ever achieved was **$16,725.00 **in March of 1991 when the average rate per inspection was $275.00 and the market was hot in Toronto.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since [FONT=Arial]1976[/FONT] - **TORONTO **


Here’s some of the crap being sold/promoted out of my area using the INACHI overnight certification process:

Currently we have inspectors billing $10,000 - $30,000 per Month!
This is from a 1.5 year old company franchising against the well established large franchisors in a market already saturated with HI’s…LIES!! LIES!! LIES!!

SAD!! SAD!!! SAD!!!

Well… Brian there are other companies trying to sell Pizza, Landscaping Amway and all other types of franchises and business opportunities. I suppose there might be one person who bought the line is making that kind of money. Its truly up to the potential purchaser to do their du dilligance.

Has nothing whatever to do with iNACHI so what is your point?


Its false advertising Doug, and that is contrary to most consumer laws. Unfortunately not all consumers are smart enough, and are duped. These are exactly the type of people who want to become inspectors because they want an easy street. We do not need these types in the inspection industry (sorry if that offends some), and we don’t need newbies undercutting established inspectors. The public is not being protected either, because there are too many unqualified inspectors plying their wares and buying into the false promises. No one to blame for outing this inspection company but themselves and their foolish claims. Licencing?

The testimonials are a nice touch too! Testimonials: “Thank you for your kind and close attention.” “Professional the whole way through and I’ll surely recommend you.” “We were very happy with your service yesterday and you can be sure we will recommend you to our friends.” “You were very helpful, and a pleasure to work with.” “I really learned a lot from you about houses.” “I was very impressed with your dealings with my client and your thorough inspection.” “I was impressed with your service and your knowledge.”

I really don’t know how to spell it but “caveat emptor” is the name of the game

Are you, whom ever you are, out to save the world?


In this case consumer laws trump caveat emptor. Consumer Protection Act 2002 Ont. And Consumer Affairs Canada.

Well, it’s like this…The trainer for this group has about “2” years in the HI business. They are using the NACHI system for “QUICK CERTIFICATION” * to get people into the field asap!! (I will be attending my third complaint against their franchisors this week)

In the last week, I have talked to both a past and current INACHI member. Both have said that they were listed as “Certified” on the “Featured Inspectors” webpage the morning after passing the entrance exam (overnight certification), paying the fee and* not completing any of the other requirements**.

**10 Reasons
Why Home Inspection is an Ideal Business Opportunity,
Career Change or New Career Choice.


*No franchise fees. Minimal startup costs.

** **Relatively short term startup training **(period may vary dependent on each individuals previous experience).

                                                                                    **A home-based business with limited overhead costs.

** Can be conducted on a full or part-time basis.

                                                                                    **Unlimited income and potential for expansion**.

                                                                                    **Growing demand for home inspection services.

** **Cash flow benefits of onsite payment for services provided.

** **Transportable skills - if you move to another location.

** **Flexibility - set your own hours.

** An important, exciting and lucrative career.**