Reality Show Coming to KC

Now you know what us inspectors here in KC put up with in some cases.

Caution: this is disgusting. We do have some rough areas, but most are nice. Most all cities have areas like this, but we do have a lot of dumpers here.

I live in the “country”, and for some reason people think it’s okay to pull off to the side of the road and dump their junk. I don’t understand the mentality.

Just proof people will watch anything. Just another scripted reality show

The before and after pictures at the end of the video did not really show much change.

In Boulder, you’ll often see 10 people chasing a blowing coffee cup lid or napkin to try to get it into the garbage can.

Need a real inspector show, not like Holmes.
You can put a Go-Pro on my cap.
Especially when discussing the report findings with the buyer-seller=-agents at the end. :cool:

I’m gonna call it “Inspection Wars!”.

Marc, I’ll buy that footage.

Actually, I’ll buy footage of a real home inspection from any member. I want to put it on the message board.

I’ll also pay for the inspection for your buyer. Tell your buyer the inspection is free and I’ll pay you direct.

I’ll also pay the seller $200 to allow us to do it. Make sure the seller says it is OK and have them contact me for the $200.

Check out our YouTube channel I have a couple inspections done with a gopro. 10 minute home inspection and crawlspace. Can record new ones for you.

I’ll see what I can arrange.

Here’s some comical fun:

I wore a go pro with a head strap so you can look at exactly what I’m seeing. I posted 3 minutes 5 minutes and 10 minutes versions of a 3 hour home inspection. I also did a crawl space video at normal speed. All of these are on our YouTube channel baker inspection group.
They’re already done for you Nick.
Let me know what you think

The video is really smooth, no bumps etc.

I like how you splashed your feet in the puddles :slight_smile: