Really funny NACHI.TV episode with Joe Tedesco.

TOO FUNNY:D Educational as well! If college was this way I may have paid better attention.:wink:

Joe’s a good guy and a walking code encylopedia.

But, he cannot, literally, say two sentences without quoting a code.

Very passionate about his profession.

Ahhh…now I know what to put in my reports…

"That’s not good!"

Should cover it pretty well…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

How ya’ doin’, Joe…thanks for this video–and thanks for teaching NACHI…

Love that Joe T. !!! :slight_smile:

Being form MA, that accent brings me home!
I am currently a man without a country. I have no accent acceptable to any!

Joe was very sensitive to the issue of “home inspectors don’t quote code.” I don’t believe Joe made any particular referrences to code or actually quoted any code specifically throughout any of the video at

It was awesome to see an well-spoken, veteran electrical inspector, and NEC trainer, speak the language of a home inspector while performing several challenging inspections. Joe was a true professional in the way that he was able to perform electrical inspections, in front of a camera, live, no rehersal, no script, and not quote code.

Is code quoted in any of the almost 70 minutes of inspection video? I don’t recall. I’ll have to play them again for myself.

Joe Tedesco has a great sense of humor that I never knew existed. It just doesn’t come through with mere text on a message board. He kept the shows funny and entertaining while very educational. I don’t know if I learned more or laughed more. Joe T. is the best! Thanks Joe!

Nick you too have a sense of humor, and yes, I have a sense of humor, it just doesn’t come through on the message board. :mrgreen:

I also want to thank everyone for their kind words.

Nice job Joe.

Thank you Greg, I am on a role and will do another video with a surprise guest CMI this week and we will discuss the industry and call attention to many important items.

PS: Do you know when the Home Inspection Industry actually started in the USA and Canada?

Someone mentioned that it was around the early 80"s?

Had the pleasure of Meeting Joe T. in Portland, Maine a few years back.

Joe is an excellent instructor and funny to boot.

Thank you Joe.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The early 70’s Joe.

I based my answer on the fact that ASHI started in the mid 70’s. To me that is when we started as an industry. I have since learned that some of the individuals that started ASHI were actually open for business in the 50’s.

Hot PiC: Here I am with the oldest working inspector in N. America