Really?? How hot is it??

Event the Downspout leaders melted today… hahahah:D

365 West Bluebird Dr 8-13-10 009.JPG

It’s a good thing… it prevents those rocks from getting into the downspouts. They like to scurry up into the gutters and start nesting.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hahhahah :smiley:

I’m just waiting for Fall here in Phoenix. I’ve had enough!:cool:

y’all sissies—:stuck_out_tongue:

but I did take BK’ advise and purchased an Attic Ventilation fan to set on the Kitchen Island while working on report—:shock:

Try sitting your bare *** on a porta potty when it’s 130 outside lol. :slight_smile:

that can’t be pretty…:shock:

I would rather crap commando style in the center of the compound at morning quarters than let my butt touch the rim of a porta potty. They is nasty, especially if you go behind some ignoramus that thinks he is fighting a fire with a hose. That is why women go in pairs. They do the gymnastic equivalent of the iron cross on the rings, suspended over the target, but they need their potty buddy to act as a spotter for the dismount.

We really did not need that visiual