Realmatcher and Nick in Texas

Hey Nick,

I was just checking your calendar to see if you’re still coming to town the 20th. Is that still on??
While looking at your calendar I also noted the “Realmatcher” entries. Are these the launch dates for this? What did that evolve into??

I’ll be there if you fix your website. Attendees need to know when it is and how to get there.

You have an old meeting up:

Hey Nick,

The WEB site is under the control of the NACHI North Texas Board Of Directors (President Lionel Nowotny and VP Jim Gibbs). I don’t have any control on that. Possibly NACHI staff can contact them and work with them to have it updated.

So what is the story about Realmatcher?? Were those the launch dates? What did it finally evolve into?

Sorry for the double post but it was a result of that issue I emailed fastreply about, the wireless access issue.