Realtor and buyer want fast inspection, slow report?

I had a realtor make an odd (never been asked of me) request yestarday…I was hired by the buyer and did not meet the realtor until the inspection, she didnt say too much, but the buyers followed me around and took their own notes.

Inspection went as usual, but then I got a call from the realtor asking me “not to hurry writing the report”. I told her my customary system is write and publish all reports same day, unless it concludes very late and it might be first thing in the AM.

I was specifically asked not to publish it because the buyer has a 7 day response window from when they get the report and they wanted the extra day…

I told her the date on the report is the day it’s inspected the report isnt good for any other day as conditions of the home could change and I’m not responsible for conditions on another day. She just wanted me to basically delay delivery/publishing to the next day… I called MY client the buyer and they wanted the same.

Any one have this happen, and howd you handle this one. Is it an ethical breech do wait a day to send them the report?

Yes, just send it tell them this is your standard business practice. sounds they want to be shady. to put pressure on the seller

Here the link to the report that I delivered on time, when you pick it up is up to you:D looking forward to the next inspection

Yep. Deliver the report as you would normally. Sounds like an inexperienced agent. There’s just no logical reason why this might be necessary.

Your Client and Agent
may be looking for a reason to obtain an extension on the contract time…
call the Client,
and work with the Client to fulfill need…

Is R.I. licensed? If so, what does your state SOP say about delivery times?

Does your state’s SOP have a time frame for delivery in it? I say send it like you normally would and they can open at their convenience.

Unless you stated in your PIA that you would deliver the report in 24 hours it doesn’t *need *to be sent the next day.

Doesn’t matter IMO. The report delivery time has nothing to do with whether or not an extension can be obtained.

If they’re looking to “use” me as the reason they “need” an extension, I’m not playing that game.

Exactly…I don’t care to play those types of games either.

One of the reasons I do, and always have, reports on site. RE’s want time to discuss, and pressure, the buyers into doing something before they get the report from you.

Sooner, the better, for you and your client. Forget about the RE in this situation. The buyer hired and paid for you. You serve them.

Just tell the RE that you are busy, and the report needs to get to the buyer ASAP so you can continue with other inspections.

Don’t play the game that the RE wants you to. Inspect, print, deliver, collect the check, your done.

Have your client put it in writing to send it to the Realtor to be forwarded to them. Realtor can deliver it whenever! Let the Realtor take the heat if there are issues. They get paid well enough for it.

Very simple answer. Publish it at 12:01am the following day. I e mail my reports so I can set the time I want it delivered.

Thanks for the replies:

RI is not licensed so no state regualtions at all.

I decided to publish the report just after midnight. So it was published the next day, but only about 4 hours after the inspection was completed, never mind getting to the fed ex box to send out lab work and getting home and writing new findings. No one can fault me for that. They can do what they want with the info. None of it was too bad anyway.

My PIA doesn’t say 24 hours, but my company policy, as publicly advertised, says within 24 hours, in many cases same day.

All the feedback is much appreciated, guys! Thanks again.

I have walked and refused HI’s.

It’s about the pressure.
Raise those emotions you know.

Sending the report has nothing to do with ethics. I would send it in my normal time frame and be done with it.

Way too much drama to get involved in, Jeff. Just send the report as you normally would and move on.

Obviously, but if an inspector wanted to help their client without crossing any lines, that is how it could get done. It sounds as if the client is all for the delay also.

The client did also want a delay. The wife is traveling on business, so the extra day to figure out concessions etc… from the inspection would help.

My normal time frame is same day/next day so I waited until next day thats all.

Bottom line, my client is happy, I think they will buy the house, the realtor appreciates what I did and will refer me in the future, all is well in the world.