Realtor and Home inspector, ethical?

**Just dying to know what you all think of this persons practice? Realtor and Home inspector.



I have had the pleasure of providing my Professional Services to happy home purchasers/sellers since 2004. Having worked for a plumber and with 12 years e…](“”)

I don’t think he can sit on two chairs simultaneously.

Sure he can one cheek on one side and another on the other. LOL

I’ve run across that website before, and thought it strange that the Broker for Royal Lepage would allow a Sales Rep to promote 1 Home Inspector. Seems to be a trend in our area where Home Inspectors are listed on individual REA’s websites.

It just boggles my mind to think that any home buyer would trust someone like Mr John Aben to act in the capacity of a home inspector or as realtor. Surely a home buyer would understand as a realtor he is friendly with and depends on conducting business with the other real estate agents in the area. They must also know that one bad report on a home he is inspecting causing another real estate a sale and that agent would to say the least be putting him down with the other agents. Where does that leave the home buyer and his so called objective report. This seems to go against every perception of ethics both in Home Inspection and in Real estate business. Am I off base here, is it just me because he is in my area ?

Bruce…John Aben is the REA, and the Home Inspector is Dietmar Shade of Pillar to Post who’s ad that’s on the website.

Chris this guy is an agent not just being promoted

Under the name John ABEN is SALES REPRESENTATIVE hard to see in yellow

Got ya Chris at least that makes a little more sense. I did not recognize the picture and the info is a little unclear. I wonder what that costs.

The write-up (and photo) is about Dietmar Shade of Pillar to Post home inspections out of Rosseau. Scroll down a bit, the contact info is below the article. It is very confusing, though, and when I first saw this website a couple months ago, I thought the same thing, that John was doing Home Inspections.

Like I said, it’s a wonder that the Broker for Royal Lepage lets John Aben only promote 1 Home Inspector.

What ever happened to arms length…that isn’t even a - - - - length :twisted: . Thankfully people are getting educated and pass on the REA inspector. Many offices just say there are the local HI’s take your pick…bad thing is some jerk Hi’s take other guys cards as they are adding theirs!

As long as inspections are not done on houses the person is involved with as a realtor, I don’t see a problem. I am currently in the process of taking the courses towards becoming a realtor myself. Most of my inspections are not in my immediate area where I would be working as a realtor and I would not do inspections that I or anyone else in my brokerage had dealings with.
Think of it as an inspector who also does renovations… just don’t do renos on houses you inspect.