Realtor-based marketing

Marketing geared towards realtors will soon be available for your next trade show. These colorful rack-cards promote your business through the following topics:
-Three Deadly Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid
-Inspector Selection: A Real Estate Agent’s Duty
-Home Inspections: How Agents Can Limit Their Liability
-Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection
-Move-In Certified Seller Inspections

Stay tuned for more information, printed cards will be available in approximately 3 weeks.

Each card is currently available for viewing in the InterNACHI Marketing Library

You might want to check with Jim Bushart, he has some good tips on marketing realtors.:wink:

Aren’t they his favorite audience? :mrgreen:

BTW - when will these be available? I teach a class to realtors called “Understanding Inspections and Limiting Liability” and could use these as handouts. Also, this class is authorized by DORA in Colorado for me to give 2 CE hours for it (under the Mountain Metro Chapter of iNACHI).

Most agents already know that stuff. I have come across some who are offended when inspectors tell agents how to do something.

If an agent knows as much or more than the inspector then there is a problem, IMHO…:shock:

they are all easily offended where I come from…

Yes, HUGELY!:twisted::roll:

Is it possible to manufacture these in suppository form?