Realtor complement

Just wanted to share positive feedback I received today from a realtor regarding the Home Gauge report from an inspection I did this week. She reviewed the client’s report and said she loves the way the report looked and being able to pull it up instantly with the provided link!
Still new to this business so I’m glad to get any positive feedback from clients and realtors!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nice job



(Btw… C vs C )

Lol yeah my phone decided how to spell it wrong. Must do a better job proofreading as apparently I’ve spelled it wrong at least once before.

That’s Awesome Cale! Agents love the report look of HomeGauge and also how we store their reports for them through you. If you have a website we can put the sign in on your website and brand your company more too! Agents will soon realize that all your reports are stored for them through you and they can get to them anytime by going to your website!