Realtor doesn't disclose house sale was scene of murder

Varaschin’s home sold, buyer unaware of history

Wow, As far as I know you don’t have to disclose it here unless the house caused the death.

The news cast covered this story tonight and the station interviewed RECO (Realestate Council of Ontario) the director stated that Realtors should disclose, disclose, disclose.

Frankly the agents involved in this matter should have known better given the murder was all over the news and they still have not caught the murderer(s).

When I was an agent, there was a suit for failing to disclose that a house was thought to be haunted.

Thanks Raymond I expect we will hear a lot more on this … Roy

Hey Ray, that is a good story! If we wait long enough somehow this will be the home inspectors fault and he/she will be the one being sued for not reporting invisible blood stains!! Then as we all know too well the Realtors will just walk away and say … the inspector obviously didn’t test with luminol and a UV light… they need more training and oh yeah a license!!!:twisted: :roll:

I said something about a house being haunted the other day and made the agent nervous. She was under the impression that it had to be disclosed if true.

I looked it up, no such rule here. No rule yet about murders, suicides, etc. either.

Besides, there’s no scientific way to prove that a house is haunted. How could that become law?
Wait…forget I asked that…

Paranormal Home Inspections

Going back to the agent who told the buyer to check the police website, that is a cop out considering the agent in question lives/works in the Orangeville area and has for quite awhile. The murder was all over the news and talk amongst the residents of a rural town.

Further insult to injury is the excuse that the deceased may not have been murdered in the house. But what about all the blood in the house and on the front steps? If the poor girl wasn’t murdered in the house the crime started out there, so why even suggest no one is sure, other than to cast doubt and possibly get out of returning the deposit.

Realtors are suppose to be professionals, some obviously don’t know what professionalism is.

The agent had a duty to bring the matter to the attention of the buyer, not simply telling the purchaser to check out the website hosted by the police. I guess the agent hoped the purchaser wasn’t to inquisitive in the hopes his commission wouldn’t be stifled.

Yes it is a small town , no excuse not to tell the buyers. One in Peterborough area had to be torn down No one would even touch it . If i remebr right my brother and sister in law both Realtors said they had to say what happened there .