Realtor/Inspector Question

OK so during a previous inspection I have a realtor who wants to name drop like mad the inspectors she normally deals w/ and how intelligent she is about the process and blah blah. She was annoying from the beginning because my client used me thru word of mouth and not her normal circle of guys which in the end is a circle of ASHI guys that I know are larger and busy but in the end idk and I don’t really think they are bad guys.

OK the point is she gets loose lipped and starts telling me how some of these guys she uses have shown her how to take the reading on their radon monitors and how she loves that cause even though its not the official reading it gives her a heads up on the official reading and how she will pick up for others their charcoal canisters and mail them out if the guy is to busy or how she will drop off for them cause its on her way wherever the water samples for a well at the lab. So I keep my mouth shut and just say cool, wow, neat, whatever but isn’t this like WRONG?

Maybe this is how you get on these printouts I have seen personally that some realtors carry that their office gives out of the preferred inspectors. :wink:

Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.:wink:

Guys here do that stuff too. I don’t use a continuous monitor so no sneak peeks here. There are inspectors who ask REA’s to pick up canisters etc…

I personally don’t want the REA doing any of it. I can have the best possible control over the process. There is a time frame for water samples and an amount of care not to contaminate, i’d not want to trust the REA to do my job, plus I charge for the tests, I’ll do it and be certain its correct.

One guy advertises free radon test with a home inspection, but has the REA pick up and mail the canisters to the lab.

Jayson if this was a Realtor that I didn;t want to work with again, I may have said (in front of the client) Is that really professional and good for the client? Now watch her start back peddling.


Out here Realtors are taught to leave the inspector alone. In fact, many brokers tell the Realtors that if they have to be there to let everyone into the house, once that’s done, go sit in their car and let the inspector and the buyers interact. So it’s not unusual to see Realtors sitting in their cars talking on the phone or working on their computers.

During the real estate bust it became even more noticeable that Realtors have decided (or been instructed to) stay out of the way during the inspection. Don’t follow the inspector around. If the buyers asking something relating to the home inspection, tell them that the inspector is the person to ask, and s/he’s right over there…

Hi Russel,
There are some Realtors who think they are being smart by forwarding small info like she did. If only N A R knew of her exploits and what the inspectors and she was up to. They would have another thing to say about it.
Have a good day my friend.

that’s the best scenario, unfortunately not typical.

In Ohio you have to be certified to drop off or pick up radon tests…I would not recommend a Realtor help with this…

I would not let anyone who is not an employee of my company perform these tasks.

In Iowa you must be certified through EPA guidelines to perform Radon testing. It specifically states that only the certified person is allowed to place and collect the equipment.

With what you described the Realtor would be illegally performing radon testing, and the certified inspector could loose their certification.

In Illinois, all Radon Techs (*** opposed to Radon Labs) must be licensed and only use monitors.

If this happened in Illinois, it woukld be criminal fraud.

I know that states differ, but seriously?

Nuff said.

Where does the state say that you can only use monitors? You are allowed to use AC type as long as you follow IEMA standards.


Here you control the Real Estate Agent or he or she will interfere with the Inspection. The group I have know they can follow me and the Client and learn. I stress LEARN.
I am the same as Ray and have made Real Estate Agents go away on occasion.
Most that are not on my list just sit with there phones texting or something like that.
I personally like them to follow respectfully, this shows they care about the Clients and more important they want to learn.

In KC, we had at least 1 ASHI inspector would offer $50 radon tests.

He’d set up the cannisters … then instruct REA on how to pick them up and mail in for the client. He used to have a lot of REA’s that loved the fact they SAVED their client $50-$60 over what the rest of us charged.

In KC the average radon test fee is about $100-$135 with electronics and a little less with cannisters, bags, etc.

we have one here, offers free radon…same situation.

In my area no one wants to do radon tests. No one even really knows what radon is. Canada doesn’t have statistics on how high radon levels are in the country. People believe in radon like they believe in the tooth fairy or Easter bunny. I live only 10 minutes from North Dakota and I know ND has quite high radon amounts so it seems fishy that we have extremely high cancer rates. But I’m sure these aren’t connected in any way. :twisted:

Curtis… how many potential clients are you losing…?..

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