Realtor/Inspector Question

Fyi… PC Tools was purchased/bought out by Symantic/Norton last year. They left it alone until now. I was notified a couple of months ago that they were discontinuing it and trying to push everyone into Norton. It’s too bad as PC Tools was awesome! Norton sux IMO! I have until November to find a quality replacement.

Stephen… or anyone else… any “proven” suggestions?

Kingdom Home Inspections opens fine on my end using AVG 2013, paid version.

As Tim said your testimonials are requiring a A QuickTime plugin.

It doesn’t unless the standards have been changed in the last couple years. I talked with the director in Springfield because we had an unlicensed inspector providing radon test in our area. He confirmed canisters were still acceptable back in 2010.

Thanks, guys, for the heads up. I’ll try to get a newer version of the video software. I built the site on a Mac and opened it up on my PC tablet and noticed the formatting is off. I’ll have to review it.