Realtor Logic - Homebuyers Must Be Licensed

Our Missouri Association of Realtors have warned that their push for licensing is to protect the consumer, for home inspectors who are not licensed (fingerprinted and checked) could be robbers, theives…etc.

Well…it just so happens that actual theives and robbers in Missouri are using unwitting real estate salesmen to help them gain access to homes so that they can rob them… while the agent stands guard.

I think all Home Inspectors should be licensed. They should be able to pass the NHIC and do 30+ CE per year. And that is my final offer.:smiley:

Passing the NACHI test is a joke and everyone knows it.

Why not let Gerrys kick *** test(makes NHIE look silly) be the one to qualifie HI’s??

I read this complaint a lot and I have often wondered how many people, if any, have scored a 100 on the NACHI test?

I have scored 100 on the NACHI quiz many times and a 98-92 on Gerrys “harder then the NHIE” So, whats your point?

It’s not so hard when Gerry is sitting behind you pointing out the answers.:mrgreen::smiley:

I will say that Gerrys test was much harder than the NHIE and if I remember Right only certain folks were allowed to test it. Something to do with copywrite laws or something.:neutral:

If you can not pass the NACHI entrance exam, you might want to look for a new job as I am doing.:wink:

Good BY Todd Hope you make a living at your next job, Cookie

And leave your destructive attitude behind